Wanna fill up your diary for the rest of the year?

Rumpus comes up on the first Friday of every other month – with a little time off in the summer.
Every so often we have special events such as The Travelling Tavern thrown in for good measure!

Rumpus vol 16 -439

2014 Dates:

4th April – Rumpus Vol 18: SHINY!

6th June – Rumpus’ Very Fourth Birthday!
at The Coronet Theatre – 11 rooms and over 200 performers!
Gypsy Hill
Brass Volcanoes
Alejandro Toledo & The Magic Tombolinos

12th July – Brixton Jamm
Tankus The Henge
intO the mOOn
Colin Samurai
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline
Gypsy Fever

7th – 10th August – Wilderness Festival
10th October
5th December

4 Responses to Dates

  1. Nadez says:

    Very much looking forward to visiting in October. Any hints on what the theme might be?

  2. Alex39 says:

    When will the ticket for the 6th April 2013 will go on sale?

  3. mariamaria says:

    yes thankyou…. parties i can enjoy,verry much looking forward to future events….x

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